Mungkin anda berfikir, akulah manusia yang paling tidak beruntung dan bodoh, karena kecintaan ku terhadap negeri ku lebih besar dari yang kau dapat dari ku...tapi satu hal yang kau tahu, bahwa aku berjalan bersama suatu kebenaran yang dunia telah menolaknya...sebab yang ku tahu...kebenar itu akan memerdekakan aku.

23 Jul 2010

West Papua 2010 Aircraft minisheet. Plane

The newly-proclaimed Republic of West Papua issued an attractive stamp to celebrate their national airline, WESTPAPAIR. 

The stamp shows an airliner with the West Papua flag on its tail.

The Free Papua Movement (Bahasa: Organisasi Papua Merdeka, abbreviated OPM) is a nationalist organization established in 1965 to seek independence for Western New Guinea from Indonesia. The country was administered by Indonesia from 1962. And before that by the Dutch, as Netherlands New Guinea. Source

Although the Netherlands had insisted the West New Guinea people be allowed self-determination in accord with the United Nations charter and General Assembly Resolution 1514 (XV) which was to be called the "Act of Free Choice"; the New York Agreement instead provided a 7 year delay and gave the United Nations no authority to supervise the act. The transfer's legitimacy was not recognized by the Papuan population, the majority of whom continued civil disobedience by raising the West Papua Morning Star flag each year on the 1st December although this action was illegal under Indonesian law.  

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