Mungkin anda berfikir, akulah manusia yang paling tidak beruntung dan bodoh, karena kecintaan ku terhadap negeri ku lebih besar dari yang kau dapat dari ku...tapi satu hal yang kau tahu, bahwa aku berjalan bersama suatu kebenaran yang dunia telah menolaknya...sebab yang ku tahu...kebenar itu akan memerdekakan aku.

30 Agt 2009

Senate supports Greens’ call for Red Cross access in West Papua

Media Release | Spokesperson Sarah Hanson-Young
Thursday 20th August 2009, 3:17pm

The Senate has supported the Greens’ call for the International Red Cross to be granted full access to West Papua.

A motion moved by Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young this morning, calling for the Australian Government to urge the Indonesian Government to allow the International Red Cross into West Papua, was supported by the Senate.

“It is of great concern to the Greens that the International Red Cross cannot fully access West Papua,” said Senator Hanson-Young, Greens spokesperson for Human Rights.

“Australia must not ignore the reports coming out of this community in our region, citing human rights violations, and bans on media and the Red Cross.

“The Greens will continue to raise these issues in the parliament, and hope the Australian Government can play a role in assisting Indonesia and West Papua to come to a peaceful resolution.”

The motion, carried on the voices, read:

The Senate calls on the Australian Government to urge the Indonesian Government to allow the International Red Cross full and unfettered access into West Papua.


Today East Timor Nationality and Sebby Sambom with two Activist where arrested Last years Peacefully Demonstrations Supporting ILWP Launch in London a

By WPNews
Aug 27, 2009, 23:00

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Court today Sebby Sambom Case prosecutour they don't have any document to agains Sebby Sambom event the document not Complite until today. Buchtar Arrested last year but how prsecutour not compleate the Document for Sebby Case. This is discrimination toward Papuan Peopels.

Indonesian Law agains any West Papuan this is the Dicriminate Papuan from the biginig of the Indonesia occupate West Papua 1963 unitll today.

Three other ativic who are attend to the Court today Diaz Servin from Timor Leste, Mussa Tabuni and Yance Amoye Motte.

Jayapura distric cour the judges told the Prosecutor that the document not complite why took long time to compleate the document to agins four Prisioner.

The Lwyer of the Sebby and tree other objetion to the judges and prosecutor that the document shoud be completed as soon as posible if not we need free this actifist becouse no document that agains them.

If you know this atictivis doing wrong agains the Indonesian rull of Law then you heve to know wicht law to agains them.

Jayapura 26 / 8 /2009
Papuan Activis report