Mungkin anda berfikir, akulah manusia yang paling tidak beruntung dan bodoh, karena kecintaan ku terhadap negeri ku lebih besar dari yang kau dapat dari ku...tapi satu hal yang kau tahu, bahwa aku berjalan bersama suatu kebenaran yang dunia telah menolaknya...sebab yang ku tahu...kebenar itu akan memerdekakan aku.

2 Agt 2010

Pacific Islands Forum And West Papua

The Indonesia Human Rights Committee has sent the letter below to Prime Minister John Key on the eve of his departure for the Pacific Island Forum in Vanuatu. IHRC has also written to all Heads of Government urging them to engage with the crisis in West Papua by playing the role of regional peace broker. SOURCE
Internationally and regionally there is growing awareness of the need for new approach to the long-running conflict in West Papua. Vanuatu has pledged to take the issue of West Papua to the next UN General Assembly and 50 US Congress People have just made an appeal to President Obama to prioritise the issue and to meet with Papuan people during his forthcoming visit to Indonesia.
New Zealand can and should take a leading role to help ensure that the Pacific Island Forum takes concrete measure such as granting observer status to West Papuan representatives, sending a fact-finding mission to the troubled territory, and using the opportunity of the post Forum Dialogue Talks to appeal to Indonesia to halt its military operations and instead accept the call of West Papuan people for an internationally mediated dialogue.

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