Mungkin anda berfikir, akulah manusia yang paling tidak beruntung dan bodoh, karena kecintaan ku terhadap negeri ku lebih besar dari yang kau dapat dari ku...tapi satu hal yang kau tahu, bahwa aku berjalan bersama suatu kebenaran yang dunia telah menolaknya...sebab yang ku tahu...kebenar itu akan memerdekakan aku.

18 Jun 2009

FWPC Photo News: The Lani Singers Play Perform Sheffield Refugee Weeks By WPNews Jun 19, 2009, 01:01

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Today Behalf of the West Papuan Peoples I would like to Big Thank you for Peoples of Sheffield invite us be part of the Refugee week’s event.Today we will play some of the West Papua freedom song here in this state with our traditional dress and holding West Papua National Flag, but in West Papua we don’t any freedom to singing our political song event holding the morning Star Flag. If we do this in West Papua we will be arrested immediately by the Indonesia Police and put us in the prison 10 and 15 year. For Examples two of my colleague Yusak and Pilep now in the prison just holding this flag peacefully prayed meeting in 2004 then Indonesia Police arrested then put them 10 and 15 years in the prison in West Papua.Event we say word the FREDOM, SELFDETERMINATION, INDEPENDENNDECE and MELANESIAN those word are bane. If we use those words we will be 10 years in the prison: for example two of human Right actives Sebby and Butcher in the prison because of those words they use for peacefully demonstration 16 October supporting IPWP in London 2008 in West Papua.There is lot of political parishioner every were in West Papua. Indonesia are slave my peoples in own land West Papua. Indonesia Military and Police are committed crime Humanity in West Papua. This is the secret Genocide by Indonesia Military in West Papua.Our music we play today is messengers and crying for freedom. We need you to help to free the West Papuan PeoplesWest Papuan are need you Thank you very much

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